Redemption is a podcast dedicated to exploring A Guide to Modern Deposit Return Systems: 10 Essential Practices. The series is produced by Reloop North America with its Director, Elizabeth Balkan, serving as our host.

In each episode of Redemption, we dive deep into one of the essential practices and hear how they’re being used together by states and countries to build, run, and maintain an effective deposit return system to address the massive problem of beverage container waste.

Our guests include policymakers, advocates, and system operators, all seeking the best public policy solutions to change the reality that every minute worldwide 2.5 million beverage containers are being burned, buried or littered.

We hear from pioneers forging the exciting path to effective post-consumer material recovery and reuse. The Guide to Modern Deposit Return Systems will serve as our roadmap, our reference, and our inspiration on this journey.

Redemption Podcast episodes

  • For consumers to redeem their recyclable bottles and get back their deposits, those bottles have to be recognizable during the collection process. Practice 5: Design, Marking, and Registration for Containers focuses on standards to optimize recovery and enhance recyclability. Hear from 4 expert guests — Lynn Hoffman (Eureka Recycling and National Coordinator for AMBER), Henriette […]
  • Oversight and Enforcement (Practice #4) by state agencies incentivize producers to meet performance targets. They’re also key to striking a balance between private sector efficiency and innovation on one hand and optimized social and environmental outcomes on the other. Ryan Castalia (Executive Director of Sure We Can), offers eye-opening insights into the work of canners, […]
  • To measure DRS progress, data is crucial. Pactice #3 focuses on the importance of compliance and official reporting by producers to give legislators a clear sense of return rates, materials in circulation, and areas for improvement. Our guests, including in-house experts Clarissa Morawski (CEO, and Co-founder, Reloop) and returning guest Alexis Eisenberg (Director, France & Francophonie […]
  • Redeeming bottles should be easy, accessible, and equitable to encourage participation. In Episode 3, we explore Practice #2 for modernizing DRS: Point-of-Return. Henriette Schneider (CEO of Re Consult), shares Germany's model for consumers and retailers to participate in the country’s exemplary DRS program. Mike Noel (Director of Public Affairs, North America at TOMRA), joins us […]
  • Practice #1 for modernizing Deposit Return Systems is establishing meaningful targets and penalties. Elizabeth chats with Alexis Eisenberg (Director at Reloop International) about Quebec's ambitious 90% redemption target and trigger mechanisms to ensure stakeholder buy-in. Mike Noel, (Director of Public Affairs at TOMRA) breaks down the importance of setting a high bar for redemption targets […]
  • Redemption is a limited series for policymakers, advocates, and industry leaders to take climate action and fix our broken recycling system. In our inaugural episode, we dive into “A Guide to Modern Deposit Return Systems: 10 Essential Practices” — a first-of-its-kind resource. Discover why the guide is a critical roadmap to achieving our climate goals: […]
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